making a porcelain book

On February 25, 2020 by clay

I’ve always loved books, and when we were asked at primary school what we wanted to be when we were older, I said that I wanted to be an author, and write books. I remembered this, and as a ceramicist realised that I could make my own books out of clay, so I did, though they do take a long time to make. It fits in well with my use of narrative and storytelling in my work.

I press mould the cover from a plaster cast of a book, and the pages are cut using a cardboard template, to ensure that all the pages are the same. Once leather hard to dry I carve the pages down from rectangles to a shallow pillow shape, so that the pages appear thinner than they are.

porcelain slab made on plaster bat

porcelain slab made on plaster bat

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